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Alter G®
AlterG's antigravity treadmill provides patients with a unique rehabilitation and exercise experience. NASA's differential air pressure technology. Find Out
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This space gathers information on carefully selected technologies to correctly feed the brain.
Humac Norm®
Solution to improve and evaluate human performance in clinics, training centers and research laboratories. Find Out
Metamax 3B®
The best in ergospirometry: high-resolution gas analyzers with Breath-by-Breath technology. Find Out
The novelty promises to transform the practice of physical activities, making it more fun and very different from the gyms we know today. Find Out
Cortex Metalyzer 3B The best in ergospirometry: high-resolution gas analyzers with Breath-by-Breath technology. Find Out Nexus 10®
10 years of experience in developing and designing the most advanced physiological data acquisition systems in real time Find Out

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Learn more about biofeedback training

Biofeedback training is simply the immediate feedback of information through electronic sensory devices on physiological processes (heart rate, peripheral temperature, galvanic skin response, muscle tension, blood pressure and brain activity). The method allows the person to voluntarily regulate their physiological and emotional reactions. The use of sensitive electronic equipment amplifies and transforms physiological reactions into signals of light and sound that are used to prevent diseases. All physiological processes can be controlled through the use of biofeedback. The training...

Is sleep apnea a sleep disorder?

Night apnea or sleep apnea is the suspension of breathing during sleep. These episodes of apnea (Greek apnoia, shortness of breath) can last for a few seconds, after which normal breathing is resumed, and occur several times during sleep. Most of the time they are not enough to wake the person, but there is a change in the sleep pattern, going from deep sleep to more superficial sleep. As this sleep is not restful, the typical manifestations are a...

Pentagon scientists want to create tattoo that indicates soldiers’ vital signs

Pentagon wants to develop tattoo that monitors heart rate, body temperature and stimulus responses / Credits: GettyImages Pentagon scientists want to create a system that can measure soldiers' physiological conditions that is durable and indestructible. Therefore, they intend to develop a tattoo that monitors heart rate, body temperature and responses to stimuli. The team at Darpa, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is developing new biostatistics devices. The idea is to distance yourself from electrodes, gel and needles. For this,...

Brain Computing

Brain Computations Scientists have long dreamed of building computers as powerful as the human brain. Now the task has become much more difficult. Not because the development of computers has encountered a bottleneck, but because the human brain is much more complicated than previously thought. Spencer Smith and his colleagues at British and American universities found that dendrites, the smaller parts of neurons, are also active components that do their own "computations". Until now, scientific knowledge established that only axons, the largest portions of...

Microsoft creates touchscreen with tactile feedback

Microsoft said it was trying to do for the sense of touch what the color screens did for the sense of sight. This is the main motto of haptics, a technology that provides tactile feedback and promises to make it possible for you to touch virtual objects. Vibrations on video game consoles are an example of a haptic response, although there are far more exciting results, such as those capable of chilling your spine or allowing surgeons to operate your spine...

Biofeedback in pelvic floor training

Biofeedback is an awareness and relaxation technique used to allow us to voluntarily control physiological functions that are normally not under our control. Its goal is to increase the level of relaxation, relieve pain or monitor muscle activity. This technique allows to reduce the use of drugs, since it allows the patient to have control over his body in the long term. The session begins with an initial analysis of the patient, where histories are analyzed and tests are performed. Very...

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